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Winter-weary North American travelers find great relief in the sands of the Yucatán.  But how do you choose which sandy strip to visit? YucatanMexicoBeaches.com is here to help with information on hotels, restaurants, car rentals, real estate and good ole' general information to help you find your dream spot.





 Yucatán is a state in the north western part of the Yucatán Peninsula, with its coastline facing the Gulf of Mexico. To the east is the state of Quintana Roo, home of Cancun and Cozumel; Campeche is to the south.

Yucatán is where the Chicxulub Crater is located; geologists say that this crater dates back approx 65 million years from the Earth's collision with a meteorite, and it is implicated with the extinction of the dinosaurs. In early historic times, Yucatán was one of the centers of the Pre-Columbian Maya civilization; the Maya people still make up much of the state's population. The Spanish came to conquer in the 1500s, and their descendants stayed to help contribute to the historic heritage of Yucatán. In the late 1800’s Henequen cactus was the “green gold’’ of Yucatan and was responsible for much of the wealth of Yucatan. Henequen made Yucatan into one of Mexico’s richest States. Today, one can still visit some of the henequen producing haciendas that reflect this wealth.

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Progreso Yucatan Fishing Tours 

Greetings everyone from sunny Progreso Mexico. My name is Randy Miller, a 49 year old American living in the Yucatan now for 12 years. I starting bass fishing some 28 years ago while living in Arkansas. I fished the Redman and B.A.S.S. pro tours for a number of years but honestly never made enough money to make a career out of it. And so as many others have had to do, I got me a real job. I created a business that I ran successfully for about 20 years. When the timing was right, I made the permanent move to here in the Yucatan. 

Since we don't have bass here, I changed my fishing habits and began chasing the hard fighting Snook. After years of some of the most awesome fishing I have ever experienced, mapping out the best locations here in the Yucatan, I have decided to offer the experience to fisherman from around the world wishing to come down here to this beautiful country and fish for some serious lunkers.

We not only fish for Snook, but the Tarpon, Permit, Sea Trout and Sea Bass are very abundant as well as numerous other species. Whatever style of fishing you enjoy, spin, fly, shallow water, deep water, we can provide you with the trip of a lifetime.

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